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About Us

From a far-fetched idea to a full-fledged distillery. Copper Cork was started by four Alberta boys doing something they love. Their line of spirits has something for everyone, no matter what you wear to work.

The Alberta Boys


An electrician during the week and a distiller in his spare time. Rod has always enjoyed socializing with an ice-cold beverage and has a mind made for creating cocktails. Copper Cork Distillery is the place where he can turn his thoughts into reality.

Rod Fadden

A plumber during the week and a distiller in his spare time. Randy also has taste buds made for creating drinks with a personal touch. Opening the Copper Cork has provided Randy the opportunity to have a place to create and share his passion for drink making.

Randy Fadden

Todd is a full-time distiller at the Copper Cork. Todd has a natural skill in the hand-made crafting industry. You can see some of his work around the distillery. The Copper Cork is a place where Todd can put his brains and crafty hands together to provide customers with a welcoming and tasty environment.

Todd Ree

Tom can be found working with his brothers in the construction industry during the week and at the distillery with his second family creating drinks during his spare time. The Copper Cork is Tom's second home as he spends many hours making thoughts turn into reality.

Tom Hartwell

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